Ready to laugh?


Watch Daniel get audiences doubled over and CRYING WITH LAUGHTER - WITHOUT ever resorting to profanity or a shred of innuendo or offensiveness.

After 20+ years of performing for giants like Intel and Rotary International, Daniel has perfected the art of "safe-for-work" comedy - as you can see from the EMOTIONAL audience reactions in the videos below.

Daniel's entertaining, motivational, and impactful Keynote Programs are all delivered with the same goal in mind...


Get a room full of people laughing around their common, shared experiences, and they'll never forget how you made them feel.

Part Business Talk

Part Comedy Show

Part Motivational Program

All Parts Entertaining

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Funny Business Motivational

Keynote Speaker

Entertaining Motivational 

Keynote Speaker

Business Leadership

Keynote Program

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“My stomach was HURTING 


Maxx. B., Founder, Ivy & Fig

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